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Exhibition: "Tehran Through Historical Photographs and Maps"

 Documenting the monuments and cities of Iran has been in practice since the twelfth century. The remaining documents include hand drawings, maps, photographs and written descriptions, which have been produced during the visit of various people to Iran. In the past 150 years, numerous archaeologists, photographers, architects and tourists have captured different aspects of Iran during their visit. Some of these visitors include Abdulghaffar Esfahani (surveyor), Anotin Sevruguin (photographer), Walter Michel Holzer (pilot), Jean Chardin (traveller), Ernst Hertzfeld (archaeologist).

This exhibition showcases maps, photos and other documents from 1871-1971 and is supplemented by lectures and educational workshops. The exhibition takes place from 20-24 May in the Negarkhaneh of the College of Fine Arts and is open to the public.