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Happy New Academic Year
Happy New Academic Year
The School of Architecture welcomes the arrival of the new academic year to all its existing and new students and wishes them the best for the year ahead. The induction meeting for the new students of architecture will take place in Studio 5, on...
"Kheshte Noe" Exhibition
The exhibition of the "Kheshte Noe" Adobe Architecture workshop took place in the Negarkhaneh hall of the College of Fine Arts from 22-24 May 2017. The goal was to introduce students to adobe architecture and its potential applications in...
Adoble Architecture Workshop Entitled
Adoble Architecture Workshop Entitled "Kheshte Noe"
The "Kheshte Noe" workshop was a collaboration between the University of Tehran's School of Architecture and the School of Art and Architecture of Yazd University. The workshop was from 9 - 13 May 2017 and pursued the following themes: -...
Exhibition: "Tehran Through Historical Photographs and Maps"
 Documenting the monuments and cities of Iran has been in practice since the twelfth century. The remaining documents include hand drawings, maps, photographs and written descriptions, which have been produced during the visit of various...