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The Department of Architecture was inaugurated at the College of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, in 1940. Until 1998, studies were carried out in the form of a continuous master programme. From 1999 and in the form of a central decision for the whole country, the continuous master programme became separated into Bachelor and Discontinuous Master degrees. In 1992, the first Ph.D. in architecture was accepted and in 2000 the specialized disciplines of architecture began their operation for the first time. Thus, the curriculums of three specific fields in Architecture, namely, "Architectural Conservation of Historical Buildings and Monuments", "Landscape  Architecture", "Project and Construction Management" was added and approved by the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education. From 2002 these programmes have been accepting students.

For the development of Postgraduates Studies, two new fields named "Energy and Architecture", and "Architectural Technology" were planned and approved and from 2005 these have also been accepting students. Following this process, in 2013, the Architectural Technology department began two new specialisations, namely "Digital Architecture" and "Bionic Architecture", while Architectural Conservation added two new courses, namely, "Preservation and Restoration of Urban Heritage" and "Preservation and Restoration of Architectural Heritage". In 2014, "Iranian Architectural Studies" and "Project and Construction Management" were also added to the School of Architecture.

It was in 2005 that The School of Fine Arts was renamed to the College of Fine Arts and since then all the academic departments such as Architecture, continue their activities with the title of School of Architecture. Today the School of Architecture has four departments: The Department of Architecture, The Department of Landscape Architecture, The Department of Architectural Conservation of Historical Buildings and Urban Areas and the Department of Architectural Technology. The addition of self-governing campuses in Aras city, Alborz and Kish Island provides greater reach for these courses and degree programs at the undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD levels.
Today, the School of Architecture of the University of Tehran possesses over 60 years of experience. Being the first School of Architecture and having 36 academic staff, it is currently the largest and most renowned school in the field of architecture and urban planning in Iran.